Braille Readermore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Braille Readerclose

Team Members: Vigneshwaran P ,Shoban V P ,Manii P S

Aids the visually challenged people to read digital documents

Cardio Caremore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Cardio Careclose

Team Members: M.Pandipriya ,S.Atchaya ,A.Angelin Christy ,A.Sushmitha

An automatic CPR compression device with a feedback mechanism based on heartrate intended to provide first aid for people with cardiac arrest

Smart Wheel Chairmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Smart Wheel Chairclose

Team Members: D.Keerthiga ,Puhazhendi Ramya ,Vijay Sibi Chakravarthi

This smart wheelchair is basically used for paralyzed and oldage people for driving their day to day life in a comfortable way without the need of a care taker continuously

Single Wheel Scootermore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Single Wheel Scooterclose

Team Members:Suresh Bhavishanth,Sri Ranganathan.S,Kumaraguru.S,Sabarinath.M, Sai Vignesh.K

An efficient highly portable vehicle. It is a future vehicle packed with gyros and accelerometer and regen braking. It's an eco-friendly vehicle


Kurukshetra 2018


Team Members: Sai Anirudh.S ,Sangeerth.P ,Mukesh.M ,Swetha.K ,Preetha.R

It is capable of flying upto a height of 4 floors and can carry small loads. It has special lights attached to its bottom to help nightime navigation

Automatic Equipment Repair Systemmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Automatic Equipment Repair Systemclose

Team Members: Kavinkumar R ,Jayasurya V

By sensorizing the electrical appliances, the occurrence of the fault can be prefound. The appliance itself repairs the minimal fault and will report the maximum fault through IOT

Home Automationmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Home Automationclose

Team Members: Kavinkumar R ,Jayasurya V ,Aravind Khumar A ,Shrikanth N

It was implemented in real time in a handicapped person's home to control the appliances from his mobile and from the convention switches for his benefit

Piezoelectric roadsmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Piezoelectric roadsclose

Team Members: Dhivya Priya.R,Keerthana.G,Latha.M,Ragasubha.B,Swetha.S

To generate electricity using the road to help power shortages

DRDO Land Surface Temperature Modellingmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

DRDO Land Surface Temperature Modellingclose

Team Members: Padmageetha N

This study introduces artificial neural networks (ANNs) for the estimation of land surface temperature (LST) using meteorological and geographical data

Library Sortermore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Library Sorterclose

Team Members: Dhanalakshmi S J,Praba Lakshmi,Raj Jayanthan,Dharma

A faster way to get the books back to the shelves with the help of RFID chips and RFID guns helps proves to be helpful

Life Saving Assistantmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Life Saving Assistantclose

Team Members:R.Gunarajulu ,R.Dheivanai

It measures the vital parameters continuously and during emergency it automatically alerts the family member and local hospital in a non invasive manner.

Humidity Condensermore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Humidity Condenserclose

Team Members:Dhevaraj P,Harishraja V,Jaganathan N,Mani Karthik A,Pranav Vijayasekaran

Device to overcome existing water scarcity

M-Sand Projectmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

M-Sand Projectclose

Team Members:Arun.R.S,Rishwanth Darun A.S,Ashwath.K,Kotni Sai Dheeraj,Santhosh.P

The project is to develop a suitable alternate in terms of properties and cost for the conventionally used river sand

Traffic Monitoring Systemmore_vert

Kurukshetra 2018

Traffic Monitoring Systemclose

Team Members:D. Vigneshwaran,R. Rohini

A system used to overcome traffic conjestion by controlling the timer by using image processing technique